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"Electric field intensity tester" and other new transmission technology products feasibility assessm


On December 10, 2016, the Feasibility Assessment Meeting for Power Transmission New Technology Products, such as the “Electrical Field Strength Tester” hosted by the China National Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Technology Cooperation Network (“EPTC”), hosted by Chongqing Dodem Communications Technology Co., Ltd. in Dodem Building Chongqing Liangjiang New District was successfully held. The meeting evaluation team consists of experts and leaders from 21 national power authorities including China National Power Transmission and Distribution Technology Cooperation Network, State Grid and China Southern Power Grid.

Experts inspected the product production R&D workshop, Dodem equipment online operation and maintenance support team, the hidden danger management of the transmission line channel visualization system and the operation demonstration of the main functions. At the meeting of the evaluation working group, we heard the feasibility technical report made by Dodem Science and Technology, and the three new transmission technologies for “LN200P transmission line channel visual monitoring system”, “transmission line distributed fault locator” and “electric field strength tester”. The function and positioning feasibility are evaluated and suggested.

Finally, after careful discussion by the evaluation working group, it is unanimously considered that the three new technologies for power transmission technology are leading, with certain innovation, and practically solve the practical problems of operation. If the later improvements and upgrades can refer to the opinions of the on-site experts, they will have higher Promote value.